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Your right logistic partner

We are your competent logistic partner concerning the transport of High-Tech equipments.
Take the advantage of the long time experience of our skilled staff whose service extends wide beyond a simple transport.
Our staff are trained to disassemble the machines as far it is necessary for the safe transport and reassemble it after the delivery on spot. If your goods are packed, then we unpack it also on spot and recyle it.
One of our specialtiy is to transport High-Tech equipments unpacked.
You can save your costly packaging hazzards. But your equipments get transported with the same care as it is done by packed goods. Our trucks are specially equipped for such transports.Our competence in the transportation of medical instruments, lasersystems,ofiice communication machines or computer sectors opened a new field in the logistic circle in Europe.
As you see, we can take the complete logistic in our hand.